Meet George

George Henry Horton is a British filmmaker, actor and writer with a passion for dynamic and immersive world-building. George loves to tell stories set in fantastical and unique worlds with themes rooted in the human experience. 

With an impressive resume of five features and over a dozen shorts under his belt, George is most inspired by stories that take place in the sci-fi, horror and action genres. Most recently, George completed work as director and writer on Dark Obsession, a film about a painter struggling with inner demons after being forced into a life of solitude when her husband leaves mysteriously. The film employed distinct filmmaking techniques, including underwater filming and an evolving set, and showcases his collaborative vision as a storyteller. It currently holds a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Another recent release is Project Dorothy, a sci-fi thriller about an 1980s AI project gone wrong. Continuing his love for the horror genre, George is also in post-production for several horror features, including his third directorial outing and first lead feature role, currently entitled Strawmen. The film follows two young Los Angeles starlets as they contend with an ancient monster. Other past credits include Useless Humans and Ice Cream in the Cupboard.

His work on other projects has been featured in film festivals such as Beverly Hills, Soho, Pasadena and he has won or been nominated for several Best Film awards.

Starting his career in comedy, his comedy channel, JesterLads, has received wide coverage, including on ABC's 'Today Show' and NBC's 'Good Morning America," receiving tens of millions of views throughout various media. 

George is an alumni of the American Film Institute Conservatory and has been mentored by Academy Award winner Christopher Branch. He is also a member of the Producers Guild of America. He currently resides in Los Angeles,